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January 31, 2019

If you are in the business of developing and manufacturing products, you need to be cost-conscious. Value Engineering and Cost Engineering (VE/CE) provide cost transparency for products and tools, at an early stage of the development process. VE/CE have become well established business techniques that are applied globally. Various industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer products, as well as even governments have adopted VE/CE. Many companies in other industries are now following these front-runners.

The attractions of Value and Cost Engineering

VE/CE offers product manufacturers a balanced approach to determine the trade-offs between values and costs of their products. This approach can be applied both in designing new products, as well as in cost-down efficiency projects. Practitioners that apply VE/CE in their companies have experienced two main benefits: early project involvement and high savings. These savings often exceed the results of traditional sourcing and supply management savings. In addition, VE/CE offers practitioners a guideline for early involvement in product change, enabling better decisions for cost optimized products. So if you want to improve your products’ margins, optimize your products’ costs ánd improve your products’ performance: VE/CE might be it!

Getting acquainted with VE/CE

If you are a practitioner working in manufacturing, high tech or consumer products industry, wanting to get acquainted with VE/CE, there now is an interactive training to improve your value engineering skills. This Product Costing – Professional training is a two-day, action-based training with practical case examples. With both theory and practical application of the value and cost engineering framework, tools and practices, used by global manufacturing companies. Improving your knowledge ánd skills. Proven approach according to best product manufacturing practice. Multi-company participants and open enrolment. Performed by expert trainers, who have previously trained over 250 practitioners

Register here for this training on 20 & 21 March 2019 in Eindhoven, Evoluon, The Netherlands


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