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Software selection

Advanced cost engineering requires tooling that goes beyond spreadsheets. There are various software solutions available on the marketplace. Each with specific user benefits. We at Tarlunt are experienced users of the various product costing and cost engineering software packages. We support our clients in making the right choice in acquiring the right cost engineering tooling. Enabling you to bring cost engineering to an advanced level. Before choosing, consult us!

Software implementation

Tarlunt is Siemens PLM solution partner for Teamcenter Product Cost Management software. The Siemens TcPCM software comes in four main bundles:

  • pre-costing bundle; simulating opportunity discovery in product costing;
  • tool costing technology bundle; to retrieve hidden costs in tool costing;
  • purchasing bundle; opportunity spotting in purchased parts and tools;
  • controlling bundle; cost tracking your business case.

Siemens TcPCM-software is seamlessly integrated with Siemens PLM tooling and ERP systems, but can also operate as stand-alone point solution. Watch the short video with user stories here

Tarlunt’s software support for Siemens TcPCM includes:

  • software sales, lease or rental;
  • installation, configuration and data migration;
  • user activation, including mentoring;
  • cost modeling consultancy.

If you want to find out beforehand which aspects come with the purchase of Siemens TcPCM, then we offer a training for this.