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Surely you recognize one of the following situations: There is pressure from shareholders to increase the profitability your organization; benchmarks show that your profitability – and therefore competitiveness – is lagging behind competitors; your gut feeling tells you that there must be opportunities to increase the margin on your products or services, and you are looking for ways to identify those opportunities. In fact, you would like to have more insight in and a handle on these margins. At Tarlunt we can help you create that. After an intake we define the VE/CE growh toghether and see which tools need to be selected to create that breakthrough.


Value Discovery Services Diagnose Tarlunt


Value discovery

Value Discovery workshop is a 2-5 day in-house workshop. In this workshop, we teach you generate ideas, define the right direction as a team, and outline the next steps in your project.

Cost Verification Services Tarlunt


Cost verification

With our database and cost calculation tools, we can generate a should-cost price for you and your product, which you can use for fact-based negotiation with your supplier.

Spend Analysis Diagnose Tarlunt


Spend analysis

With our spend analysis you get a better insight in your end-to-end product costs. This helps you define your business case and boundaries for the next steps of your product portfolio.


Fact Based Negotiation Capture Tarlunt


Fact-based negotiation

Cost verification and fact-based negotiation helps you generate margin improvements on a short -term. We make should-cost calculations and a negotiation plan.

Software Selection Capture Tarlunt


Software selection

Advanced cost engineering requires tooling that goes beyond spreadsheets. We can advise you and implement the right cost engineering software.

CE/VE implementation Tarlunt


CE/VE implementation

In four steps you can transform yourself into a lean and competitive organization. CE/VE philosophy will be rolled out in a practical way, in the form of projects. 


Tarlunt Academy Transform



We offer a professional interactive product costing training based on DfX principles, to achieve and improve your cost- and value engineering skills.

Practitioners Network Tarlunt Transform


Practitioners network

We bring together value- and cost engineering specialists to exchange insights and experiences from their own business.

ce ve growth model tarlunt


Tarlunt CE/VE growth model

We support you in making decisions and implementing new ideas and embed the CE/VE theory into your organization.

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