Let's boost your margins

How can we help you

The Tarlunt Consulting Group helps organizations boost their margins, creating a competitive edge:

  • We deliver a sustainable higher margin.
  • We use a structured approach: Analysis, Implement, Secure.
  • We embed the approach into your organization.
  • We offer a value-based pricing model.

Our approach consists of three pillars:

Value Engineering

We help our clients optimize their cost models by systematically analyzing product function while targeting the lowest possible cost and translating this into feasible design features for both existing and new products.

Cost Engineering

Thanks to many years of experience and a comprehensive cost benchmark database, we are able to quickly build cost models for new products. We can determine the ‘should-cost’ price for components that must be sourced from suppliers. This is important input for fact-based negotiations with prospective suppliers. In our tear-down center, we disassemble existing products to analyze their construction and determine the underlying cost structure.

TCO Optimization

Our approach takes a broader view than just product costs. We also take into account other aspects of business operations that add to total costs, like supply chain operations, supply base, process design, etc.

We strive to help our clients master the principles of advanced cost management. This requires changes in reporting, processes and organization as well as the development of new skills and capabilities. We support organizations in their efforts to apply this new cost management methodology.

The Tarlunt Consulting Group helps its clients boost their margins. Our experience has shown possible sustainable margin increases of 15-30%. Our approach is a unique one, supported by our cost benchmark database and software support to guide, gauge and analyze the results.